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The Plantiverse envisions a world where people realize that plants are at least our equal partners on planet earth, and arguably much more. They were here before us and will stay long after we leave.

The metaverse is a massive, exciting opportunity to spread this awareness!


Now plants can exploit humans!


Humans have been using plants literally since the dawn of their civilization. With NFTs and DAOs, plants can finally be paid for their work - enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Humans are total suckers for art! Show them something beautiful, and they are all in. The plants know this. While not all humans have the practical sense and moral character to give support to the natural world, they all like pretty pictures of things. This has been true for centuries, whether it's Pokemon cards (a Victreebel from 1999 is worth about $200) or oil paintings of fruit by famous artists (Paul Cezanne’s “Les Pommes” sold for $41.6 million). Centuries from now, today's NFTs will be shown in galleries orbiting Saturn, reminding humans of the plant-abundant planet they started from.

Plants are living art! Flowers, trees, fruits, forests… plants are artists by their very existence. They taught human artists concepts like color, symmetry, and beauty.

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