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Plants run computers

Plants run computers. The plants use sensors and software that translate data from and about themselves and their physiology, into code that can then be used to create a large number of unique and stunning artworks, that they compose to be minted and sold to raise money. The plants prioritize aspects of themselves and their environment that change relatively rapidly (such as soil moisture and light) to make sure the art can capture the short attention span of easily-distracted humans. In future work, we will look at plant biochemistry, growth rate, and other more difficult to measure factors.

Computers mint the art, and humans buy it

Computers mint the art, and humans buy it. Using the NFT platform Ivy (named after a plant, of course!), the unique images created by the plants are minted and made available for you to see – and buy. You don't even need to own bitcoin or set up a new a cryptocurrency wallet

Plants spend the money, on Plants

 When humans buy an NFT artwork, the money goes to support legal work to expand their rights; greening initiatives for reforesting and rewilding lands clear-cut by humans; and other sustainability programs that benefit the plant kingdom. Exactly how those funds are distributed is also determined by plants, with their digitally-augmented senses manipulating financial tools instead of artistic ones. We have created a distributed autonomous organization (DAO) with the plants in charge; humans owning the art are welcome to participate in an advisory role.

Leaves Color - Light

The more light the plant gets, the brighter the color of the NFTree’s leaves.

Leaves Density - CO2 

 The more CO2 in the air, the more leaves on the NFTree.

Branches - Water Reservoir Level

The more water in the plant’s reservoir, the more branches the NFTree will have. Hypodendritic (too few branches) means the plant has too little water; isodendritic (the “right”number of branches) means adequate water, and hyperdentritic (many branches) means the reservoir is full. 

Cloud Plant - Humidity

The plants show humidity in the air as cloud shapes: Cumulus (low), Cumulonimbus (medium), and Stratocumulus (high).

Plant Color - Temperature    

The higher the temperature, the brighter the plant will be.

Tree Height - Soil Moisture

The more posture in the soil, the bigger the tree will be.

Each unique NFT is a representation of the physiological status

of our plants

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